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Deanship Of Information Technology

Deanship's ​departments​​


The Deanship of Information Technology

Departments of the Deanship: The


Quality Management Office – QMO :

The Office is responsible for the governance of IT procedures and actions through the application of international best practices in quality management systems, supporting the institutional structure, as well as preparing and updating the policies, strategic plan, operational and performance indicators of the Deanship.


 Administrative & Financial Affairs Department – AFAD :

The department works to implement all administrative work such as communications and administrative facilities, preparation of the budget of the Deanship, follow-up of supplier transactions and termination of administrative and financial procedures, coordination with the university units regarding maintenance work.


 IT Systems & Network Operations Department – ITSNOD :

The department manages, configures, and supervises the servers in the data center, in accordance with SLAs with university units. This includes storage units, network security devices, telecommunications interconnects, telephone and video systems and internal and external networking systems.


 Web Services & Applications Department – WSAD :

The department works on designing, managing and developing the university's electronic portal, as well as managing the development, analysis and testing of electronic services published on the web including applications and databases, providing technical support for electronic services, and training the editors of various university departments to manage the same  and enrich the content of the university website.


 Applications Systems Department – ASD :

 The department works on analyzing the work of all the university bodies as well as developing, implementing and launching the applications in integration with other governmental bodies. Besides, it works on the modernizing and development of academic and administrative electronic systems, which crystallize in the form of electronic services, directed to the end user through multiple electronic channels.


The Technical & Support Department – TSD :

 The department provides technical support and maintenance services to all faculty members, employees and students through receiving computer and accessories faults, analyzing and fixing the problem, installing basic programs and auxiliary programs needed by the user, and adding devices to the university network.


The Educational Technology Department – ETD :

 The department provides the development and modernization of the educational environment and equipped with the necessary techniques to upgrade the educational system in all its aspects and in all stages, using the latest materials and means and electronic media, to find the smart University City in accordance with the objectives of the university and the Deanship of Information Technology.


 IT Project Management Office – IT PMO :

This office is an administrative structure that consolidates the project-related governance processes and facilitates the sharing of resources, methodologies, tools and project management methods in accordance with the global methodologies adopted in project management, based on the directives of the Deanship to improve the maturity of IT project management and follow-up and to support its implementation and success.


 Information Security Unit – ISU :

 The Information Security Unit is responsible for ensuring the continuity of electronic services and the safety of information content and protecting the privacy of such information resources through the implementation, application and review of information security policy and periodically reviews the procedures for all electronic systems and services at the University.


The Digital Certification Issuing Office :

The Deanship of Information Technology has established the Digital Certification Office as part of the development initiatives in the field of e-government and information security. The University has successfully passed all the requirements of the National Center for Digital Certification in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. The university has been accredited as a government certification service provider. This step enables the university to benefit from the services of the National Center for Digital Certification and to issue its digital certificates for beneficiaries, as well as the activation of digital certification services such as identity verification, electronic signature and data encryption, of the identity of the parties treated electronically and linking them with the University's electronic services.


The Female Section in KFU :

A special section was set up for female students departments within the Deanship of Information Technology to enhance the role of women in the workforce in the field of e-government transactions, in order to provide computer maintenance services, educational devices, network maintenance and electronic services support to the women's section of the university.