Sunday 01/03/1439 - 19/11/2017

Deanship Of Information Technology

Deanship's departments​
First: Quality Management Office – QMO
The Office governance's procedures and work in information technology through the application of international best practices in quality management systems, with the support of institutional infrastructure works, as well as the preparation and updating of policies, strategies, operational plan, and performance indicators for the deanship.

Second: Administrative & Financial Affairs Department – AFAD 
The department is working on the implementation of all administrative work, such as business communications, facilities management business, set up Dean's budget, follow-up transactions, suppliers, end the administrative and financial procedures, and coordination with units of the University regarding the maintenance work.

Third: IT Systems & Network Operations Department – ITSNOD 
The Department works to manage and control, hardware configuration and data center servers, according to service level agreements (SLA) with all university-units. This includes storage units, network protection devices, connecting wires, wireless communication devices, telephony systems, video systems, and internal and external networking.

Fourth: Web Services & Applications Department – WSAD 
The Department is working on the design, management and development of the portal of the university, as well as the development, analysis and testing of electronic services published on the Web, including applications and databases, and providing technical support for electronic services, and the training of the editors of the various parties university to manage and enrich the content of the site university administration.

Fifth: Applications Systems Department – ASD 
The Department works on business analysis for all university bodies as well as the development and implementation of integration and launch applications with other government agencies, as the development of the academy and administrative electronic systems, that crystallized on Electronic Services Commission addressed to the ultimate beneficiary through multiple electronic channels.

Sixth: Technical Support Department – TSD 
The Department provides technical support, maintenance services for all faculty, staff and student members through the reception faults related to computers and accessories, analyzes and fixes problems, install core software, assist users, and add devices on a private area to the University.

Seventh: Educational Technology Department – ETD 
The department provides, develops, and modernizes the educational environment and processing necessary technology to improve the system of educational technologies in all aspects and at all stages, using the latest materials, methods, and electronic media, leading to a smart university city, according to the goals of the university and the Deanship of Information Technology.

Eighth: IT Project Management Office – IT PMO
This office is being a governing structure that unites the operations related to the governance- project and facilitates, sharing of resources and methodologies, tools and techniques of project management, according to the international approved methodologies in project management, according to the orientations of the deanship to improve the level of maturity of the management of information technology projects, follow-up, and to support the success of the implementation.

Nin​th: Female Section 
It was created as a special student-Departments within the Deanship of Information Technology to enhance the workforce-role of women in the e-Government field, in order to provide maintenance services, network maintenance, and support of electronic services for the Women's university Department of computers and educational devices.​