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King Faisal University

Deanship of Information Technology

Portal Policy

  1. Each entity (Deanship - College - Center - Administration) has the right to nominate a person to work as an Editor. This person should be given the validity to edit the site, and he becomes the only responsible for any content or problems existing in the entity or any defect in the policy of the portal.
  2. The nominated person for the administrating the portal must be at least a fully knowledgeable of  Microsoft Office Programs so that the administration of the portal can teach him how to edit the portal.
  3. The editor should have the time to edit and modify the entity’s site, and he should not be busy to the extent to which he/she neglects to update the site of the entity.  The administration of the portal has the right to request for replacing the editor in case of not updating news and announcements of the entity for more than a month.
  4. The entity (Deanship - College - Center - Management) shall be responsible for the publication of news, photos, and links of the other sites. In case of violation of the university policy, the administration of the portal shall delete the infringing content without reference to the entity.
  5. The administration of the portal has the right to stop the validity of editing for all entities without reference to them in case of regular maintenance or making a backup copy of the site.
  6. It is necessary to adhere to the existing template of the portal of the university and not change it to be consistent with all entities of the university in terms of form and content.
  7. It is necessary to create the sub-pages and sub-sites under the portal of the entity, and the external sites are not allowed to be listed within the entity.
  8. The editor can make any design of icons and flashes according to his technical vision; however, they should be placed under the template design of the university, i.e., in the white part whose content is allowed to be modified.
  9. In case of any event or activity that requires establishing a site, creating a subsite under the site should be requested from the administration of the portal via a formal email to the portal administrator.
  10. In the case of news, events or activities that are needed to appear on the Home Page, it is necessary to contact the Media and Public Relations Department officially for being the authority.
  11. It is preferable to adhere to the fonts and their size, and colors used to improve the appearance of pages.
  12. The images must be prepared well by reducing their size to minimize the time of downloading them, and so as not to slow down the site.
  13. Images of the news must be in size: 450 * 225 pix
  14. Editing the home page design may result in significant problems, so please do not modify the home page.
  15. Please activate News, Announcements, and Events, ensuring that the user, who is not logged in, can access it in both Arabic and English.
  16. Content must be placed in the content editor web part to not automatically be deleted by the system in the internal pages of any college or deanship.
  17. The used files (PDF DOC PPT EXCEL) must be labeled in English reflecting the content of the file and starting with KFU- (e.g., KFU-Text.pdf).
  18. In the case of creating pages, they must be created in the Arabic content first, even if a page is required only in English content.
  19. Please notify us immediately of any problems that may occur on the site of your entity.