Tuesday 06/10/1442 - 18/05/2021

General Administration of Legal Affairs


Tasks and responsibilities: 

  1. Study the minutes of college councils, deanships and other councils in the university, such as: Scientific Council, Center of Authoring, Translation and Publishing, and Studnet Found Council.

  2. Study the minutes of the various committees submitted to the Legal Administration for studying and providing legal opinion about the decisions and recommendations that have been taken. For example, the Standing Committee of Academic Affairs, the Standing Committee of Scholarship and Training, the Standing Committee on Lecturers, Teaching Assistants, Language Teachers and Research Assistants.

  3. Examine the regulations, agreements and contracts in terms of procedures and formulation.

  4. To do the secretariat work for the Standing Committee on Students Discipline, and the preparation of minutes, letters and executive decisions of the committee.

  5. Formulation of resolutions and circulars that the Legal Administration is assigned to prepare by the university rector or vice-rector.

  6. Represent the university before the office of ombudsman, the judicial authorities and other bodies regarding all issues and cases in which the university is involved in.

  7. Preparation of defense memorandums before the office of ombudsman and the judicial authorities regarding the lawsuits brought by/ or against the university.

  8. Examine the powers delegated by the university officials to their subordinates to ensure that they took place within the legal framework.

  9. Reviewing the notes and memorandums presented to the University Council and the Higher Education Council on request.

  10.  Study and examine the various transactions sent to the Legal Administration by the various bodies in the University for providing the legal opinion about them.

  11.  Participate in the committees of disciplinary investigations with the university employees on request.

  12.  Study of what have been attributed to the university employees of violations to the rules, regulations and instructions in order to provide the legal opinion on them, as well as studying the complaints and grievances made by them.

  13.  Work on preparing a set of legal rules and regulations of the university according to the latest undergone amendments.

  14.  Undertake any other tasks and duties entrusted to it by the authorized person or body, and within the field of its competence.