King Faisal University

Administrative Development Department


إدارة التطوير الإداري

إدارة التطوير الإداري بالجامعة هي الإدارة التي تتولى تطوير وتدريب الموظفين من منسوبي الجامعة من خلال مجموعة من الأنشطة والبرامج والخدمات.

Administration of Managerial Development

Administration of Managerial Development in King Faisal University undertakes the development and training of university clerks through special activities, programmes and services.

The main tasks performed by Administration of Managerial Development:

  • Collecting the application forms and sending them to the Permanent Committee for Delegation and Training, and following up the trainees during the courses.
  • The establishment of an information system to collect, sort out, and keep the data that helps the administration perform its tasks.
  • Facilitating the procedures of work& designing and developing forms& preparing and updating the guidebook of procedures.
  • Doing studies on the management of the system and updating the guidebook of regulations when necessary.
  • Observing the effectiveness of work regulations and making proposals to develop them.
  • Following up, assessing and making reports about the performance of university clerks.

Administration of Managerial Development consists of the following departments:

  • Training – Development and Regulatory studies – Information – Secretary

A Clerk's Guidebook (160 pgs.) and Student's Guidebook (47 pgs.) have been issued by the administration.
Organizational Structure of Administration of Managerial Development