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King Faisal University

Medical Services

The Medical Clinics Complex provides primary health care in multiple forms:
1. Medical examination of patients, diagnosis of diseases, and determination of the best treatment methods.
2. Providing the necessary treatment for simple and common diseases and diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and glaucoma.
3. Referring complex medical cases to Ministry of Health hospitals in coordination with them.
4. Follow up on the pregnancy in the gynecology clinic to ensure the health of the mother and fetus by conducting medical examinations and analyzes using an ultrasound machine, while providing the necessary advice to the mother during that period.
5. Treating emergency cases and providing first aid to serious cases until they arrive at the hospital.
6. Conducting all the medical tests that doctors need to help them diagnose various diseases.
7. Vaccinating children from infancy according to the Ministry of Health program.
8. Initial medical examination for male and female students.
9. Organizing health awareness and education cases.
10. Medical examination to obtain a driving license.
11. Preparing medical reports.

Medical tests :
1. The analysis is conducted by doctors according to the complex’s analysis sheet and delivered to the laboratory upon leaving the doctor’s office, so that the conditions for conducting the analysis are explained by the laboratory workers.
2. Samples are received in the morning between seven-thirty and ten o’clock.
3. The results of the tests are delivered to the files department at 12 noon or 5 pm to be attached to the patients’ files until another time is determined by the laboratory workers or the doctor.
4. Laboratory workers are not authorized to give test results by hand or explain them verbally or by phone.
5. Samples will only be accepted in their own containers available in the laboratory.

sick leave :
Sick leave is not granted to male and female students except after conducting a medical examination by the complex’s doctors.
Sick leaves issued by another party, whether governmental or private, are reviewed by the college to which the student is affiliated.
Male and female students who wish to obtain information indicating that they have an urgent medical excuse that may prevent them from taking the exams, must present themselves to the medical committee formed for this purpose by the complex’s doctors, at least an hour before the exam time, in order for a medical examination to be conducted on them, and the committee may take what it deems appropriate regarding each case. condition .