King Faisal University

Scientific Council

 About The Council

Scientific Council is the entity that supervises the scientific affairs, research, and publishing of academic staff of the university. The main duties of the council are:

1. Recommending hiring of academic staff.
2. Taking promotion decisions of academic staff according to the rules of the Higher Education Council.
3. Encouraging scientific research, authorship, translation, and publishing throughout:
a) Drafting scientific research encouraging rules.
b) Proposing scientific research centers establishment.
c) Coordinating between scientific research centers and setting its general plan. 
d) Managing connections with research centers outside the University.
e) Determining encouragement and appreciation rewards for refereed scientific works and authorizing its delivery.
f) Publishing researches, authorships, and selected theses. 
g) Recommending the establishment of scientific journals.
h) Recommending the establishment of scientific societies and museums; and manage their relation. 
i) Approving any forwarded textbooks and theses that require a reviewing process.
4. Evaluating the scientific degrees certificates submitted by Saudi's academic staff.
5. To consider the issue forwarded from University Council.