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King Faisal University

Scientific Council


Prof. Hassan Rafdan Al-Hajhouj


Prof. Shar Saad Al-Shihry

College of Science

Prof. Abdulhakim Jawad Almatar

College of Education

Prof. Adel Mostafa Abousalama

Scientific Journal

Prof. Huthail Najib Abulrahman

College of Agriculture Sciences and Food

Prof. Mohammed Hammad Al-Nazawi

College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Ahmed Mustafa Halimah

College of Arts

Dr. Faisal Ibrahim Shalabi

College of Engineering

Dr. Fawaz Waselallah Alsaade

College of Computer Sciences and Information

Dr. Hany Said Elbarbary

College of Medicine

Dr. Khalel Ibrahim Alhuwaiji

College of Education

Dr. Nadir Aliane

College of Business Administration

Dr. Saleh Ibrahim Alhosayn

College of law