King Faisal University


To become a leading model in planning, directing, supporting and following up the system of scientific research and postgraduate studies, in accordance with the university’s aspirations and national and international trends.

the message:
Achieving a work environment characterized by a culture of planning, direction, support and follow-up for the entities affiliated with the University Vice Presidency for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, by motivating the agency’s employees and raising their efficiency in order to improve the experience of its beneficiaries.

Facilitation, governance.

Directing graduate programs and research projects to achieve the contents of the university’s institutional identity.
Developing postgraduate programs to ensure an increase in the number of local and international students, and to increase the number of academic programs and their accreditations, according to the needs of the community and the labor market.
Developing the operations of the Deanship of Scientific Research to ensure increasing the research productivity of university employees and achieving an impact from this productivity.
Developing the Scientific Council’s procedures to achieve rationalization of models, agility of procedures, and improvement of the beneficiaries’ experience.
Developing scholarship procedures to improve the administrative and scientific relationship between scholarship students and the university.
Strengthening the procedures of the scientific journal in accordance with international databases and classifications standards.
Improving the performance of central laboratories in accordance with best local and international practices, to ensure easy access for beneficiaries.
Improving research centres, farms and farms to ensure raising the productivity of scientific research and contributing to serving the university campus and the external community.
Promoting a culture of innovation through registering and commercializing patents and facilitating the necessary procedures.
Improving the university’s research reputation locally, regionally and internationally, and enhancing research presence in local and international academic events and forums by motivating its employees to participate in scientific conferences and the like.
Developing the system of scientific chairs by creating a pioneering and innovative strategy that ensures its effective management.