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King Faisal University


The scientific journal of King Faisal University: Humanities and Management Sciences (ISSN: 1319-6944, E-ISSN 1658-838x)

A peer-reviewed, biannual, multidisciplinary journal published by King Faisal University in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The journal is open-access and publishes research articles in both Arabic and English in both print and electronic formats without any publication fees. The journal has an editorial and international advisory board and accepts scientific papers throughout the year. The journal strives to facilitate the dissemination of publications among academic researchers in the fields of humanities and administrative sciences. The journal upholds the use of recognized theoretical, applied, quantitative, and qualitative scientific methodologies by implementing strict controls that promote high levels of originality and a steadfast commitment to the ethics of scientific research. The journal accepts review articles, book reviews, and special issues on social issues, and scientific occasions. The research articles are published on the website immediately after receiving an acceptance letter with a digital object identifier code (DOI).

Editors-in-chief are as follows: Prof. Khalid S. Al Abdulsalam (2000-2002), Prof. Adel I. Al Afaleq (2002-2014), Dr Muhammed S. Al Wasli (2014-2015), Prof. Ghazi F. Basiouni (2015-2020) and Prof. Abdulrahman E. Al Lily (2020- to present).