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King Faisal University

Scientific Journal of King Faisal University

 Call for Papers

Media and the Coronavirus Pandemic
In collaboration with the Department of Communication and Media at the College of Arts, the Scientific Journal of King Faisal University: Humanities and Management Sciences dedicates an issue to the timely topic of media and the coronavirus pandemic. This topic merits academic attention since the pandemic has engendered a cardinal change that has impacted every country. It is worthy of scholarly investigation to scrutinise how media (their policies and channels) have handled such a change. Echoing the role of academia in elucidating emerging matters, fellow academics are invited to contribute to this issue, thereby assisting with the examination of the change and the provision of solutions to the challenges at hand. Manuscripts should loosely cover the following critical areas:
The Pandemic and its Impact on Public Relations Policies and Strategies
The International Media’s Response to the Pandemic
The Reciprocal Influence between the Pandemic and Mass Communication
The Media and their Role in Health Awareness (or Counter-Awareness) during the Pandemic
Families’ Utilisation of Social Media During the period of Quarantine
The Role of the Media in Helping (or Hindering) Education during the Pandemic

In preparing manuscripts, authors are requested to follow the Journal’s submission guidelines available at the following link:

Submission Deadline: 1 April 2021
Kindly submit your manuscript, by email, to