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Business, Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainable Development

The Scientific Journal of King Faisal University (Humanities and Management Sciences) calls for papers in its special issue entitled ‘Business, Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainable Development’, which will be published in cooperation with the School of Business at the University.

Global societies all over the world currently are facing a range of environmental, economic, and social sustainability challenges. Moreover, the role of enterprises in the field of management, entrepreneurship and innovation is an important element in the discussion of sustainable development. This issue is timely as the concept of sustainability has become a major part that is included in business models for operating enterprises, for tackling commercial, environmental and social challenges.

List of topic areas:
This special issue is aimed at promoting theoretical and practical research that seeks to further debate and discuss the important concept of sustainable development in the context of Business, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. It especially welcomes (including but not limited to) topics in the following fields:
• Green economy.
• Green Marketing, Green Technology or Green Finance.
• Circular carbon economy.
• Business Strategy and Sustainability.
• Business Model and Sustainability.
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Corporate Governance and Sustainability Reporting.
• Environmental Management, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Innovation, Environmental Economics or Environmental Accountability.
• Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst for Sustainable Development.
• Financial Sustainability.
• Innovation and Environmental Policy.
• Sustainability and Technology.
• Product- and Service-related Innovation and Development.
• The Initiative of Supply Chain and Sustainable Logistics.
• Other Sustainable Initiatives Concerning the Context of Business.

Manuscript Submission Information:
In preparing manuscripts, authors are requested to follow the Journal’s submission guidelines available at the following link:

Key Deadlines:
• Opening date for manuscripts submissions: 20 November 2022
• Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20 April 2023
• The accepted manuscripts will be published on the journal’s website immediately and are not restricted to waiting until the deadline for manuscript submissions for this issue.

Submission and Enquiry: