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King Faisal University

Strategic Planning and Institutional Identity Administration

Vision, mission and goals of the office

 Excellence in providing reliable data that contributes to supporting the university’s decisions and achieving its strategy


 Optimal use and benefit from data by applying best practices related to data management and governance in light of national trends


Developing policies and standards for data management and governance at the university.
 Develop data management and governance strategies.
 Spreading awareness and knowledge of the areas of data management and governance within the university.
 Supporting various university sectors in implementing data management and governance policies and standards.
 Building performance indicators to measure the compliance of various university sectors with policies and standards.
 Strengthening the university’s specialized capabilities and skills in data management, governance, and personal data protection.

-The organizational structure of the office
--Office services:
*Open data
Open data is data that can be freely accessed, used, modified and shared by any individual without technical, financial or legal restrictions for any purpose, subject to the requirements of the legal license under which that data is published.
Use license
Open data users:
King Faisal University provides access to open data to users of its electronic portal at their own risk, for all users, free of charge.
Responsibility of data users:
The open data user is responsible for reusing the data in the university’s electronic portal, and the reuse of this data should not result in any errors related to the content, source, and history of the data.

Responsibility of King Faisal University:
1- King Faisal University is not responsible for any damage or misuse to which entities are exposed as a result of using this data published on the university’s electronic portal.
2- The university does not bear any responsibility towards the users of this data and any damages that may occur to them.
3- King Faisal University reserves the right to delete or modify the data opened on its electronic portal
Terms of reuse:
1- The user must not distort this data or its source.
2- This data must not be used for political purposes, or to support illegal or criminal activity, or to make racist or discriminatory comments, or to incite or negatively influence culture, equality, or incitement, or any activity that is illegal or contrary to the customs and traditions of the Kingdom.
3- When using this data, it must be indicated that its source is (the electronic portal of King Faisal University), and a link must be placed to the electronic portal of King Faisal University in order to preserve the intellectual property of the data, its credibility, and the validity of its source.
Instructions for use:
1- Every user has the right to easy access to the required data, either through searching using keywords or the category in which the data is classified.
2- He also has the right to download, open, browse, and use it in Excel format through the Excel program, and arrange and filter the data.
3- It can integrate with other programs to use open data, such as smartphone programs, or other applications (through the extension without the need to download them to the computer) by using them directly through the file link.

King Faisal University has provided the possibility of requesting access to open data for all beneficiaries, as the data contains multiple formats as desired, with the aim of facilitating their processing and reuse, enhancing transparency and encouraging electronic participation.

**requiring information
***Request to share data

---Data management and governance policies and protection of personal data

Data classification policy
Personal data protection policy
Data sharing policy
Freedom of information policy
Open data policy
Terms and definitions