Wednesday 07/10/1442 - 19/05/2021

International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange Administration


Functions of the unit

 This unit is in charge of the following:

  • Follow up the affairs of scientific chairs at the university, document and keep their records at KECA's administration, and coordinate with the concerned bodies inside and outside the administration to offer the needed support for those in charge to run these chairs and implement their programs and objectives.
  • Prepare studies, offer proposals and search for supportive data necessary for the fulfillment of KECA's mission to attract the needed support, establish new scientific chairs, as well as   enhance and develop the existing scientific chairs.
  • Perform the secretarial work for the Permanent Committee of  Scientific Chairs, prepare its minutes, and follow up the implementation of its recommendations. 
  • Address  business matters pertaining to scientific chairs that are forwarded to the unit and offer views and necessary recommendations about them.
  • Keep the bylaws and regulations of scientific chair, update their data and facilitate their accessibility to the concerned parties inside and outside the administration.
  • Prepare the annual report of the unit.