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King Faisal University

International Cooperation and Partnerships Administration

 International Cooperation Unit

1. Reinforcement and development of international relationships between the university and prestigious international universities, educational, and research institutions. 

2. Supervision of the university’s international activities throughout cooperation with other sectors in the university (deanships, colleges, research centers, and administrations).

3. Preparation of memoranda of cooperation and service contracts between the university and international universities and institutions.

4. Cooperation with the visiting professors unit and other administrative units concerning international activities of the university in general, and visiting staff members and students in particular.

5. Development of policies and establishment of best practices in international relationships of the university.

6. Cooperation with the legal administration in the university concerning service contracts, memoranda of understanding, and international agreements to ascertain their compliance with the regulations and laws adopted by the university and the Kingdom. 

7. Development of distinct plans and mechanisms, which reinforce the university’s status regarding international relationship with prestigious international universities. 

8. Offering developmental proposals to strengthen competitiveness and the status of the university at the international level.  

9. Translation of documents, agreements, contracts, correspondences, data, and publications of the Administration and its affiliates from or to Arabic.

10. Coordination with the Administration unit of administrative and financial affairs regarding database support and maintenance of  website in terms of editing and data updating in its Arabic and English versions.

11. Preparation of the unit annual report.