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King Faisal University

International Cooperation and Partnerships Administration

 Permanent Committee, International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange

The committee is responsible for the following tasks:

1. Designing policies, developing annual plans and compiling reports.

2. Evaluating the attainments and accomplishments of the administration at the university.

3. Managing the administrative and technical challenges in achieving the goals according to plans.

4. Establishing different task committees whenever needed.

5. Giving advice and recommendations for the tasks handed out to the committee.


The distinguished members of the Committee are:

Dr. Mohammad Abdulaziz Al-Ohali, President, University.

Dr. Hassan Rafdan Al-Hajouj, Vice President, Graduate Studies and Scientific Research.

Dr. Fahad Abdullah Al-Hizab, General Supervisor, International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange.

Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sabka, Supervisor, General Department of Legal Affairs.

Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Ibrahim Al-Maqal.

Dr. Abdulrahman bin Isa Al-Laila.

Dr. Adel bin Sharrar Al-Dalbehi.

Dr. Mohammed Abdul Salam Al-Taher Al-Sheikh.

Dr. Amani bint Saleh bin Saad Al-Muslim.

Dr. Ghada bint Hadi bin Saud Chita Al-Abbas.

Mr. Mohammed bin Abbas Al Shihab, is the Secretary of the committee.