Wednesday 14/06/1442 - 27/01/2021

International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange Administration


Programs and Plans Unit

This unit is in charge of the following:

  • Monitor and document the on-going university programs and projects pertaining to KECA's mission and objectives, keep full information about them, document the stages and results of their implementation ,and evaluate their output in cooperation with   Project and Quality Control Unit and other supportive units.
  • Study the proposals forwarded to the administration regarding the projects of programs, activities, and creative and innovative ideas desired to be implemented by entities supervised by the administration or any other participating party in the knowledge exchange programs and conduct proper research and revision to best evaluate the projects and offer recommendations thereof.
  • Prepare proposals regarding the programs, projects, and new activities that serve KECA's objectives and support its plans in developing the university's knowledge and technological credit at local and international levels.
  • Prepare the annual report of the unit.