King Faisal University

International Cooperation and Partnerships Administration

 International Cooperation & Knowledge Exchange Administration

King Faisal University aspires through the International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange Administration (ICKEA) to reinforce and develop effective and permanent international channels of communication with the most prestigious universities. Such cooperation should provide opportunities for knowledge production that comply with international standards, encourage joint scientific research, as well as international exchange visits of staff members and students.
The university established an administration in 1429H/2008G under the name of “Knowledge Exchange and Cooperation Administration”. Since its establishment, a number of programs and projects that contributed to the attainment of scientific communication with international universities had been developed.
In 1437H/ 2016H the university president issued the decree no. 38/2/202 dated 6/6/1437H to upgrade the administration under the name of “International Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange Administration”. It has a strategic vision to attain excellence in international relations and to confirm the university’s quest for international prestigious status via added value international agreements and contracts.

The ICKEA consists of the following units:
1. Visiting Professor Unit 
2. International Research Project Unit
3. International Cooperation Unit
4. Administrative and Financial Affairs Unit