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King Faisal University

The International Advisory Board

 The Ministry of Education approved the establishment of the International Advisory Council of King Faisal University according to the Resolution 107556 on 12/15/1441 AH (05/08/2020), based on the Council of Universities Affairs Decision No. 03/12/1441.
 Taking into account the Kingdom's development process and the requirements of the current stage of maximizing the benefit from educational institutions, especially universities, as well as the potential role of King Faisal University in achieving the highest levels of the academic, social, and economic impact on its local and national societies, the university considers establishing a council (An international advisory board). It is an urgent necessity to fulfill its future aspirations.
The Council holds two annual meetings, inside or outside the Kingdom. The University shall bear the Council's costs, including travel, accommodation, hospitality, and bonuses, as approved

 Objectives and tasks of the Council

 The council aims to link the university with the scientifically advanced world and provide opinions and advice to the university administration. The council is interested in communicating with the academic and industrial sectors to enhance the position of the university inside and outside the Kingdom. The council seeks to contribute to developing university education and making a qualitative leap in academic, research, and administration.

 The council's main tasks:

  1. Providing advice and recommendations regarding the university's strategy and future university directions.
2. Helping the university form partnerships with several international universities to support its university's international standing.
3. Suggest appropriate ways to strengthen the university's ties and academic, research, industrial, and other organizations.
4. Assist the university in evaluating and developing its programs, activities, and regulations, and attracting distinguished scientific competencies.
5. Providing advice to the university in the field of strengthening and expanding its investment arms


King Faisal University is continuously striving to develop and update all its activities, services, and regulations to occupy a distinguished position among the most prestigious universities inside and outside the Kingdom. The Council consists of scientific and administrative competencies with a global reputation that helps the university administration advise in developing the University's main functions and enhancing its communication with the relevant authorities, especially at the international level. The Council consists of ten members in addition to the university president. Members of the Council are chosen from different nationalities based on their distinguished experiences and their ability to assist in achieving and implementing the Council's objectives and tasks.