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King Faisal University

Postgraduate students, units, chairs and Collaborations

KFU Centres, Institutes and Research Station

With its base of qualified researchers, trained technical staff, and equipped research labs and facilities, KFU has set itself as one of the leading higher education and research institutions in the kingdom. Research centre, training and research station, deanship of scientific research, and institute of research and consultations continue to redirect their strategies, programs, and activities to recruit more able researchers, attract more funding, engage in more research projects, and achieve more international collaboration and linkages to bring Based on this renewed approach of research, the university seeks to achieve excellence in some identified areas, giving priority to food security and environmental sustainability, natural resources management, medicine and healthcare, agriculture and food resources, engineering for hot and arid regions, biotechnology, and nanotechnology and material science applications. 

In this new phase KFU aims to advance knowledge through innovative research and scholarship across various academic disciplines and nurture a high-quality graduate research environment.

International Scientific Collaboration

KFU has several agreements and collaborates effectively with many national and international institutions, organizations, and agencies in academic, research, and service areas of mutual interest. At the national level, KFU has signed several agreements with different Ministries, universities, research cent, public welfare establishments, and industry and business organizations.

Internationally, KFU has signed several strategic agreements and alliances with a number of international Organizations and universities as follows:

§Yale University – USA
§Boston University – USA
§University of British Columbia – Canada
§University of Southampton – United Kingdom
§University College of Dublin - Ireland
§University of Groningen – Netherlands
§University of Granada – Spain
§Technical University of Graz – Austria
§Istanbul University – Turkey
§Lanzhou University – China
§Monash University – Australia
§Queensland University – Australia
§Kanazawa University – Japan
§ENSAIA Institute – France
§University of Manchester - United Kingdom
§Kansas State University - USA
§University of Gome Valencia – Spain
§Wageningen University and Research Center – Netherlands
§Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
§Cambridge University- United Kingdom