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King Faisal University

King Faisal University Strategy 2020-2024


 A vibrant institution that is stimulated to enrich knowledge of future and develop competitive human capabilities.


 Acting as a development engine and a major knowledge partner in supporting vital sectors; locally and regionally, by providing futuristic education, research driven by change and development, community engagement for mutual enrichment, and sustainable business development.

 1- Responsible Citizenship.
 2- Integration based on interdisciplinary.
 3- Innovation in originating, producing, and applying knowledge.
 4- Respect for ideas, opinions, and diversity.
 5- Justice that boosts transparency and belonging.
 6- Empowerment of expertise and capabilities.


To realize the above mentioned vision and mission, we set 8 strategic goals as follows:

 1- Developing educational outcomes belonging to the future, and eligible to maintain their competitiveness in light of economical and developmental transformations locally and internationally.

2- Maximizing the research benefit and directing the university's research activity to serve the Kingdom's national goals and aspirations of the university's identity.

3- Continuous development of the university's educational system and focusing on the university›s community engagement activities especially in the areas of mutual enrichment.

4- Establishing and nurturing the university's innovation and business development system and enhancing its economic capabilities.

 5- Directing the university's resources and capabilities to create an exceptional university experience that meets the expectations of students.

 6- Adopting best practices to improve the university's institutional performance and its business governance efficiently and effectively.
 7- Achieving the best levels of efficiency in the use of resources and capabilities to achieve state of optimal balance of the university’s financial performance.
 8- Selectivity in developing partnerships and alliances that enrich the university's experiences and enhance opportunities for integration and strategic synergy.