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King Faisal University

College of Applied Medical Sciences

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  • Public Health Department  
    Acknowledged leader, trusted partner, and recognized source of expertise in the practice of public health nationally and internationally.

    The Department of Public Health is dedicated to leadership and excellence in public health by providing students with high-quality instruction, research, community engagement, and public health practice.

    1. Provide a competency-based curriculum comparable with international standards.
    2. Establish a core of faculty who are public health leaders with integrated, innovative, and relevant educational experience.
    3. Provide a supportive and enriching learning environment.
    4. Develop and maintain academic infrastructure that supports the accreditation of the program.
    5. Provide research opportunities in public health domains and promote interdisciplinary research through collaboration.
    6. Engage faculty, students, and public health professionals to create a diverse and dynamic learning community that is committed to excellence.
    7. Develop and support linkages with grass-roots and community-based health agencies that advance learning and research.
    8. Establish and define a long-term commitment to enhance public health practice in the Kingdom.

    1. Provide a high-quality educational experience in an academic environment of excellence through a relevant and responsive curriculum.
    2. Support a scientifically rigorous program of public health research.
    3. Establish a leading-edge faculty and high-quality students to create a dynamic learning community that is committed to excellence.
    4. Provide linkages and collaborations with communities and public health agencies to serve and contribute to initiatives that impact community and public health needs.
    5. Advance the mission of King Faisal University through relevant contributions to public health.
    College of Applied Medical Sciences Organizational structure​​​​​​​​​​​