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King Faisal University

College of Arts



The Dean’s Message

In the name of Allah, The most gracious the most merciful

All prayers and peace are upon the prophet Mohammed and upon his family and companions.

The College of Arts is a new old college! It was established two years ago but its academic departments were established almost 30years ago when they were parts of the College of Education. The college of Arts is the largest college in the university in terms of the number of male and females students and the number of faculty staff members.

The college consists of six academic departments and eight academic programs, which are: the Islamic studies program, the Arabic language program, the English language program, the History program, the Geography & Geographical Systems program and the Social studies & Social work program.

The College aims at various goals like contrbuting effectively on keeping the Saudi society identity according to the Islamic rules and deep values which are derived from the Holy Quran and the purified Sunnah. Along with keeping our great language and our old genuine heritage withought neglecting the other cultures and the new advancements that do not contradic our society's steady values.

Our wide-ranging hopes is that the colleg of Arts will be a very rich tributary of knwoledge and science, and a solid support for bulding creative scholars in their fields who are very successful and very loyal to their country.

The College is undergoing a very dynamic movements towards implmenting the university strategies in setting up community partnership, applying quality assurance and achieving academic accreditation that would lead the college towards excellency and worldwide recognition.

The college is honored to carray this huge ambition with the other faculties in the university in order to push forwardthe wheel of development in our country.

We greatly value our academic staff members and administrators who spare no effort to help our beloved students who are our ultimate hopes and golad.


Dr. Ali Hussein AlBassam