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    A.   Mission:

    The mission of the Department is to excel in Biomedical Sciences’  education and research through collaboration with other departments and programs (IPE), to prepare life- long learners (students; teaching, training and development) having basic and applied  knowledge of normal and abnormal body processes required for  development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies (all courses) for prevention and treatment of diseases (patient care)


    B.   Goals & Objectives:

    1. Provide challenging and quality course work in Biomedical Sciences to prepare life long learners.

         1.1.  Develop integrated  courses: ILO’, blue printing, course plan with specification.
         1.2.  Apply students centered learning:  Case based teaching
         1.3.  Library assignments and projects
         1.4.  Assessments: case based, assessing higher learning
         1.5.  Initiate proposal for PG courses

    2. Recommend, recruit, develop and retain experienced faculty

         2.1.   Assist recruitment committee
         2.2.   Support Faculty development program:
               2.2.1. Departmental staff development program
               2.2.2. COCP and University Level programs
               2.2.3. National and International

          2.3. Provide excellent Administrative  and collegial environment
               2.3.1. Orientation of new faculty
               2.3.2. Meetings SOPs
               2.3.3. Facilities for students and staff
               2.3.4. Social gatherings

    3. Collaborate with other Departments and programs for Inter Professional Education and Research

          3.1. Inter Professional Education

          3.2. Research

    4. Contribute to COCP and KFU mission in teaching research and Community Engagement

          4.1. Research targets:
               4.1.1. KFU research grant target
               4.1.2. National (KACST)
               4.1.3. International
               4.1.4. Students research

           4.2. Community Engagement
               4.2.1. Community research: through students
               4.2.2. Service learning in different courses
               4.2.3. Community Service: Educate/assist Community/Hospital pharmacists through Lectures