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A brief extract about the physics department:

The physics department was established within the departments Faculty of Science which was established based on the high-minded kind prestige's approval # 7/B/10522 in 1/4/1423 H whereby approves incorporating basic sciences departments in the University's different Faculties into one faculty under the name of the faculty of science. Knowing that the physics department was one of the main departments in the Faculty of Education, which was established in 1400 H correspondent to 1980 AD whereas the physics department was contributing in providing the labor market with qualified graduates to work in the education sector as teachers in different education stages.

Establishing the Faculty of Science, the Department had to develop a new educational scheme that aims to keep up with the phase compatible with the establishment of Faculty of Science so that preparing cadres specialized in scientific contribute to the scientific progression and to advancing the level of the graduate as a producing and effective human resource in society and who have the sufficiency to address the scientific issues faced in life. 

The department educational scheme was designed in a way that enables the graduate to obtain a Bachelor of Science specialized in Physics after completing fulfillment of educational requirements in as much as (128) credit hour. Of which Included a theoretical part and another practical in order to create a broad knowledge base for the graduates to acquainted with the basic practical conceptions and theoretical laws and how to link both aspects the theoretical and practical together, gaining the skill of practice with the different measuring instruments, in addition to the bachelor program, the department presents a program for postgraduate studies (Master of Physics).

Currently, the Department adjoins a number of faculty members in the experimental and theoretical complicated and different disciplines in the field of physics, as well as a number of assistant professors of both sexes, and qualified laboratorial technicians. 

Also, there is a number of laboratories provided with the latest scientific equipment, as there are scientific research laboratories equipped with the latest instruments and tool, their most important is the NANO technology laboratory to serve postgraduate students and the faculty members in the department.