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King Faisal University

Welcome our visitor to the electronic website of Biological Sciences department in the college of Science. Department of Biological Sciences was originated in the college of Education, and then became one of the departments in the college of Science upon its establishment in 1423 AH. Since then, the department is in continuous effort for distinctiveness and pioneering through education, scientific research, consultation services and contributions in community engagement.

The Biological Sciences department offers several academic degrees such degrees include the B.Sc. in Biology and three M.Sc. degrees in three different majors, which are Microbiology, Zoology and Botany. Currently, the department is preparing a new Ph.D.  program in Biology.

The department has more than 40 faculty members as well as more than 30 teaching staff, administrators and technicians who exert all their effort to contribute exceptionally in education and research.

Dear visitor, we are pleased by your visit to our electronic website, hoping it met the needs of information about the department and answered all your queries, we will be delighted when you visit the department and its employees in person.

Head of department

Dr. Mohammad bin Awad Abdullah AlMalki

Phone number: 0135899542