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King Faisal University

College of Science

Message from the Dean of the College of Science King Faisal University

               Dean's Message                Message from the Dean of the College of Science King Faisal University

On behalf of the faculty members, administrators, technicians, students and myself, I welcome you to the college of science's site at King Faisal University (KFU).

This College was established by the approval No. 7 / B / 10522 on 1/4/1423 H. It is one of the essential and largest colleges at KFU. It has a large number of students in all scientific disciplines, and it serves other colleges as it teaches their students some basic science courses.

Our college has been developed undergraduate and graduate programs and created attractive majors to meet the needs of the national workforce while ensuring quality standards and following strategic planning.

College of Science occupies a scientific research' leading position at KFU, where it has been strengthened its research foundation, expanded sources of support internally and externally, and maximizing the use of research equipment. Currently, we are seeking to open investment channels through transferring research results and patents to marketable products as well as providing research studies and consultancy.

Great attention has been given to continuous development of human resources and improving the productivity of faculty members, professors, and staff, in addition to attracting new faculty members with scientific and research experience.

Our employees will spare no effort to achieve the college's objectives and develop academic, research, administrative and community services while adhering to the quality values in all fields.


God bless everyone 


The dean of the college of science

   Prof. Ahmed Alnajjar