Wednesday 04/03/1442 - 21/10/2020

College of Science

Academic Affairs Committee:

  1. Coordinating the work of academic affairs for the students of the bachelor's degree, which includes: Coordinating the academic schedule of the college, recording the courses, deleting, adding, transferring, break-out, delay and return of the restriction, deprivation, coordination of the exam schedule, follow-up delivery of results and reception of new students, and review academic records of students expected to graduate. And to consider the excuses provided by students for their absence from study, in accordance with the university regulations.
  2. Studying the applications submitted to the committee on the re-examination of the quarterly or final examinations of the bachelor's or master's degree.
  3. Coordinating with the Deanship of Admission and Registration in all matters related to the academic affairs of the students of the bachelor's degree.
  4. Preparing the student guide and updating it periodically, and providing the study plans for the programs of the college are in brief, and the internal regulations of the college _ if any _ with the materials related to the academic regulation and exams for the university stage.
  5. Set up a rule to distribute the college students to the various departments and apply them after approval by the College Council.
  6. Develop a mechanism to assist and support students who fail, and make recommendations to the College Council.
  7. Establish a clear and declared mechanism for receiving students' complaints and applying them after approval by the Dean.
  8. Suggesting a proposal to encourage excellence and creativity in the performance of students, and the nomination of them to excellence awards at the level of college, university and society.

The Committee has two subcommittees:

a.  Committee for Organizing Final Exams:

  1. Preparing the lectures room for exams.
  2. Setting up the monitoring table and distributing it and ensuring compliance with it.
  3. Organization of procedures of receiving and delivering questions.
  4. Coordination with the support centers for the exam process from outside the college (security and safety، public services، medical services، transporting)
  5. Coordination with other colleges regarding the courses submitted to these colleges by the College of Science.
  6. Ensure the proper operation of the examination and ensure their regularity.

b.  Committee for the organization of the conduct of midterm and final                             examinations of general courses:

  1. Inventory of general courses taught to female college students، and knowing the number of students (regular or Black Board)
  2. Communicate with faculty members to organize the receipt and delivery of exam questions (regularity).
  3. Communicate with the Center for Supporting Studies for the exams of courses taught through the quarterly and final Black Board system.
  4. Preparing the lecture halls required for the quarterly and final exams.
  5. Nomination of the college members to supervise the examinations and raise them for approval by the Dean of the College.
  6. Delivery of the monitoring schedules to the College from the Support Services Center.
  7. Ensure the proper conduct of quarterly and final exams.
  8. Receiving the excuses of the students who are absent of the midterm and final examinations and submitting them to the competent committee of the college.
  9. Study the observations received from the Center for Supporting Studies.