Wednesday 13/02/1442 - 30/09/2020

College of Science

Safety and Lab Committee:


  1. Contributing to achieving the objectives of the Vice Deanship concerning postgraduate studies and the infrastructure of the labs.
  2. Establishing unified strategies to organize work and to achieve integration concerning lab equipment and workshops, and to achieve high security and safety criteria for the College labs.


  1. Coordinating with departments to unify College Lab equipment specifications.
  2. Ensuring the lab equipment is not re-purchased.
  3. Examining equipment orders submitted by the College Departments.
  4. Propagating safety-first culture in all College facilities.
  5. Ensuring that all College Departments are committed to announce clearly written Safety Requirements in the lab.
  6. Evaluating lab and equipment potentialities and measuring their conformity to the requirements of study plans.
  7. Ensuring that all analytical procedures and practical methods are written in unified forms at the College levels.