King Faisal University

College of Science

The Cooperative Training and Community Partnership Committee:

 Its tasks are as follows:

  1. Determine the social and environmental needs that the various departments of the college can be provided to society.
  2. Providing scientific, technical and training guidance to external parties to achieve the principle of community partnership.
  3. Evaluate the participation of faculty members in the provision of community services, and measure the degree of beneficiaries' satisfaction of the community services provided by the College.
  4. Organizing the educational activities in the college, such as: Open Day and Career Day, and communicate with the graduates (Alumni) and strengthen the relationship with them.
  5. Develop a time plan every academic year for cooperative training programs in cooperation with external parties.
  6. Communicate with external parties and open channels of communication with them in all that achieves cooperative training plans, and the objectives of community partnership.
  7. Evaluate the performance of students and training providers and address obstacles to cooperative training.
  8. Study the transactions referred by the Dean of the College to the Committee and give an opinion thereon, and make the necessary recommendations thereon.


KPIs  The Cooperative Training and Community Partnership Committee:

  1. Preparation of the time plan for cooperative training or not, with external parties
  2. Number of different activities provided to external parties.
  3. Number of faculty members who participated in the implementation of the various activities of the Committee and their proportion of the total number.
  4. The satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the various activities and effectiveness of the Committee.


Headed by the Vice Dean for SDCS, and includes:

1-Dr. Reda Shenawy - Member

2-Dr. Torfa Hamad Alsheddi - Member

3-Dr. Ashraf Metwally – Member

4-Dr. Esam Bakir - Member

5-Dr. Foued Gharbi – Member