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King Faisal University

College of Science

Safety Committee and Laboratories:

  1. Inter-departmental coordination to standardize common purpose devices.
  2. Ensure that the laboratory equipment available in the college labs is not duplicated, and that the departments coordinate the investment of the available equipment at the college level.
  3. Studying the applications for the purchase of the equipment provided by the departments of the college.
  4. Spread the culture (safety first) in all college facilities.
  5. To know all the movable and immovable devices and make sure they are fit for work and follow up on permanent maintenance.
  6. To know all laboratory equipment and chemicals in the laboratories and to ensure the safety of methods used in conservation.
  7. Evaluating the laboratory capabilities, scientific equipment, measuring their compatibility with the requirements of the academic plans of the academic departments, the research interests of the college, and providing evaluation results for the Development and Quality Assurance Committee.
  8. Ensure that the departments of the college comply with safety requirements written and clear in the laboratory of the department.
  9. Ensuring that all analytical procedures and scientific methods are written in standard templets_ at the college level_ and explained the following:

a.    Name of analysis or method.

b.   The location of the laboratory that will be conducted in analysis and its number.

c.    Devices and materials used in analysis, with mention of material quality and risk.

d.   A description of the analysis, with the risks involved _ if any _ to conduct such analysis.

e.    Precautions to be taken to conduct such analysis.

f.     Method of discharge and disposal of used chemicals and materials.