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King Faisal University

College of Science



The Statistics and Information Committee


The Committee shall undertake the following tasks:

a. Documenting the progress of the college

b. Collecting the internal executive regulations of the college and administrative decisions, additionally facilitate the process of access to them.

c. Supervising the college page, the pages of faculty members on the university's website, and following up on its implementation and updating.

d. Creating and updating a database every semester (or two quarters annually), including:

* Collecting the data on scientific publishing, writing, translation and service activities in the academic departments of the college and preparing them in graphic tables and providing them to the Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Committee.

* Preparing the graphical tables related to the numbers of students, faculty members, technicians and administrators, and providing them to the Development and Quality Assurance Committee to relate them to the developmental needs of the college.

* Preparing the graphical tables for labs, laboratories, offices, multipurpose halls and various devices, and providing them to the Development and Quality Assurance Committee to relate them to the development needs of the College and provide them to the Safety and Labelling Committee to help them make the appropriate recommendation for purchase orders.

*Preparing the graphical tables of the names of the third party that are related to the academic departments and their various scientific programs, and providing them to the Cooperative Training

and Community Partnership Committee to relate them with the various activities and activities of the committee.

* Preparing the faculty member's guide including the member's name, scientific degree, date of degree, origin of the degree, department that belongs to it, and research interests.

e. Studying the transactions referred by the Dean of the College to the Committee and giving an opinion therein, and making the necessary recommendations thereon.



Committee Chair

Dr. Fatemah Hussain Habib Al Mukahal