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King Faisal University

College of Science

Definition of the graduates and career guidance committee in the College of Science

This committee consider as a channel that facilitate the communication between students and their college. The committee is establishing a database that consist of the basic data about graduates students from the college of science. This database is the first link between the graduates and their university. The Committee also promotes the spirit of affiliation and communication between graduates and the university by supporting and developing them through effective communication. This communication aims to activate the university partnership with the economic and social environment.

Committee Roles

1- Inventory of graduates of the college for the last (5) years and establish a database for those former graduates.

2- Gathering the graduates' data for each semester and finding a mechanism for communication with the graduates after their graduation.

3- Communicate with previous graduates to know what they do with their certificates.

4- Publishing a link on the main college website in order to communicate with previous graduates. Career advertisements, which interest graduates, can be provided through this link.   The graduates can also find a guidance of    companies' names, institutions and hospitals that provide opportunities   to have a benefit or work with after their graduation.

5- Communicate with various companies in order to know their possible need for the college of science graduates to work with them or work as volunteers to enhance their experience.


Dr. Mayyadah  Abdullah Al-Kuwaiti

Chairman of the Commission of Graduates and Career Guidance in the College of Science