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Research Center of Camels:

The Center was established in 1403 H, after the resolution of the Scientific Council in 3/9/1403 H, to put the general plan for the operation of this center. The Center has five research units. References, research and scientific theses related to Camels research have been compiled, in addition to the Center collaboration with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Resources departments at the University to conduct and disseminate scientific research related to the fields of its activities.

Despite  the dependence of this center to the university deputy of post graduate studies and scientific research, the specialized service of the veterinary centers make its link with the Faculty is  strong. Faculty gives Camels special attention and encourages different research on this animal which shows the heritage and economic value.

Research Center of Camels is one of the important indicators of the faculty interest in this aspect, as the Special Committee in the Center coordinate scientific and research efforts and stimulate the various departments, especially veterinary hospital to support the Center, the Center is also associated with a small library to collecte documents concerning the researches of Camels.

Contact us:

Direct: 5816600
or messaging through e-mail: Camel@kfu. edu. sa

Or correspondence to the following address:
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
King Faisal University