King Faisal University

Vice-Deanship for E-Learning

Instructions for Concerning Quarterly works

* Instructions must be read and viewed where the student is not exempt from responsibility in the event of ignorance of these instructions.

Attention to the need to attend (watch) recorded lectures where they will be downloaded weekly as well as live lectures when announced, note that the lectures recorded grades are different from the degrees of direct lectures and if you can not attend live lectures in time you can attend later where they will be recorded for you and you can You will be attending later and you will be credited with the same degree of attendance.

Important note: Attending lectures is attending the lecture itself or watch it in full or download it in full and then watch it and not download content only, as downloading content is not an attendance of the lecture.

· Lectures should be attended via electronic systems only and not through other means or locations.


· Access to the quarterly business solution through specialized Blackboard systems on smart devices as well as access through the browser from smart devices on the university website and electronic systems (Blackboard or virtual) is calculated from it note that grades are calculated from the two systems are complementary to each other in the sense that completed the solution In Blackboard, you don't have to solve it in default and vice versa.


· Solving the fourteen assignments and discussions in full for all courses registered for the student / student note that the duties are different from the discussions and each of them a specific degree. It should be noted that the Deanship scrutinizes the solution of the discussions, excludes incorrect and serious solutions, and monitors a score of zero for this type of solution.

· It should be noted that the duties and discussions exist in both systems Blackboard and virtual under the name of discussion forums and discussion forums, it is worth noting that it is prohibited to use copies and storytelling to resolve these posts.

· Non-dependence in solving assignments, discussions and attending lectures. Students who use offices and student services will be deprived of degrees of participation. The University prohibits such practices. The Deanship will use the "Google Location" technology to determine the performance of quarterly work.


· It is advised not to attend lectures and solve assignments and discussions in one day and leave them to the last moment, which may cause the student not being able to perform all the quarterly work.

· Using the personal device to enter the lectures and conduct the quarterly work. In case you want to use the work device to conduct the quarterly work and enter the lectures, please do the following:

1- Access to student services.

2 - Access to the icon of the employer.

3- Fill the employer form and write the name and address of the employer clearly and in detail.

· The student's user name and PIN is the responsibility of the student and bear full responsibility if given to another person and the University does not assume the minimum responsibility for this and the student should use a device other than his own, such as work devices to log out of his account.

· Students who have a graduation project or research graduate have to rely entirely on themselves in the completion of the research note that if the student / student stealing scientific or intellectual for other research or the use of Internet sources such as Google and others without reference to these sources, the Deanship will take the necessary actions based on King Faisal University study and tests list.

· There is an icon for all students to be able to enter and preview samples of previous tests for all courses under the name of review questions and provided by the Deanship as a means of review and recall.

· The need to follow the deanship site and access to news and announcements, calendar and schedules of direct lectures when announced and the student is required to follow the university site for any developments.

• The need to enter the student services in case the student wishes to withdraw from the program permanently or apologize for studying for a semester or postponement for a semester and then return to study taking into account the dates of fees where there is a date for each period of recovery or non-refundable fees.

· If a student is asked to postpone or apologize for the study, the student is obliged to enter the student services and request to return to study in the next semester. about studying.

· The student who is absent from the tests should repeat the course in the next semester and any postponement or apology for the study is considered absent from the test, which means the student failed in that course and must register and study again.

Deanship of e-learning and distance education is the only reference for all students and is responsible for answering your queries and ways to communicate with them through the contact us page of the deanship only where some students communicate with other deans such as admission and registration or Deanship of Student Affairs or other numbers and emails belonging to the university but The Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Education is not affiliated with the Deanship and is not responsible for not responding to inquiries that do not come directly through the official methods described in the Contact Us page.