King Faisal University

Deanship of E-learning and Distance Education


Courses registration instructions:

The Deanship of e-learning and distance education calls upon all its students who begin their university numbers (210, 211, 212, 213, 214 and diploma students) to access the calendar and find out their registration dates and then access the BANNER SYSTEM and register their courses for the second semester for the academic year 1435-1436 AH, by reviewing registration schedules for courses and the schedule of final exams announced in the following link: 

The new students, carrying academic numbers that start with 215, have to register their courses themselves, even if they apologize and postpone the last semester.

When registering courses with the BANNER SYSTEM, please note the following:

1- Register the CRNs correctly. Don't copy and paste them into the BANNER SYSTEM.

2-  Register the CRN (male or female students) reference numbers, since registration with other sex numbers will show you an error message that is not available to the section.

3-  Make sure that you do not register a previously PASSED course or you will receive a message stating that you have already PASSED this course.

4-  Registering old reference numbers will show an error message that the reference number does not exist, so you must use the reference numbers mentioned in the link above.

5-  There is No Registration Confirmation. Just enter the reference numbers and then execute the changes.

6-  Student is responsible for the registration of courses and please do not rely on others and always prefer to follow the study plan so as not to occur conflicts in the coming chapters.

7-  All students must refer to the university site and not on forums and others.

8 -  You must make sure that your academic status is ACTIVE. If you apologize or postpone the study, you must request to return to study from the student services section and wait until your status becomes ACTIVE and then you will be able to register your courses. If you have three or more warnings, you must request an additional chance. If you have exhausted all four opportunities, you are considered to have been dismissed from the university.

9 - If you are interrupted because of non-payment of fees you have to settle the outstanding amount and then communicate with us through the FAQ icon in the student services icon to restore your ACTIVE status to be able to register.

10 -  To ensure that your courses are properly registered and completed you can access your academic record as they appear there.

11 - The mechanism of registering the practical education course for special education students will be announced later.

12- All students must register their courses and the University will not register courses except in the case that will be mentioned below.

13 - Special education students who have successfully completed 55 hours have to determine the course or they will not be able to register the specialization courses.

14 - Students of level 7 and 8 will be allowed to register for 22 hours under the following conditions:

·Students of the Faculty of Arts and Business Administration who  PASSED 88 hours.

·Students of the Faculty of Education who PASSED 82 hours.

·Students carrying academic numbers that start with (210, 211 and 212) must register their courses with at least one course in order to activate the 22 hours. The student cannot activate 22 hours unless the student has already registered his courses. The student cannot claim additional hours if he doesn't comply with this conditions and will be activated for them in the second courses registration period.


For students who are absent from the exams with an excuse of the second semester 1434-1435H only:

If you submitted an excuse through the excuses inquire icon and your excuse was accepted, you should not register that course or courses. The Deanship will register it for you so that the fees will not be counted. If you register, the fees will be counted. In the event that the number of hours of those courses that you have been absent with less excuse than the number of hours you are allowed to register, you can record courses not exceeding the number of those hours and not inconsistent with the decisions of the absentee, for example:

First case: You have been absent with excuse of 9 courses and the total of 18 hours, in this case do not do anything and the Deanship will register for you and in the event of registration of additional courses the Deanship will not register the courses for absentee with an excuse due to the exceed of the maximum hours allowed to register.

Second case: You have been absent with excuse for two courses for the number of courses and the total of 4 hours and you want to register up to the maximum of you, which is 18 hours, you can register courses of 14 hours not inconsistent with the times of the two courses that you have excused for them and is measured in other cases of the number of courses and the number of hours.


We wish you all the best.