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The departments


 Department of Administrative formation

The administrative formations department to provide services relating to the functions of administrative, academic and career management competitions and follow the career path of promotions and appointments and transfer poof under the employees of the university, and related work and coordination with the concerned government departments in this regard.

One section tasks:

​​​functional setup for competitions

after lifting it to the ministry of civil service for approval

required advertised functional data preparation

preparation upgrade decisions for employees candidates

​​​​​​setting conditions filled every job required her qualifications by job classification in the civil service guide

display on the promotion committee for the nomination of the conditions they have available upgrade,and obtaining the approval of the authorized them

address the service department to take the necessary approvals to advertise

link on the functions required by appointment

completion of the necessary procedures and receive requests and setup tests and personal interviews

auditing recruitment and enrollment decisions collapse stomach by decisions department staff and academics

preparation of appointment decisions of those who passed the test and interview after  coordination with the ministry of service

preparation of registration of the updated and revised jobs in the budget resolution, and recorded in computer

preparing for the upgrades staff

remember the special functions to be amended budget preparation

the statement of the functions required to upgrade them

prepare modulating functions when needed forms

prepare a statement to staff eligible for the regular upgrade

functional data preparation (faculty - administrators) for each hand

determine the points accrued for each employee

the preparation of the decision to transfer employees from one hand to the other hand (within the university)

determine the appropriate function for each employee to compete with them in accordance with the classification manual

prepare decisions collapse limitation of the transfer of services to destinations outside the university

collect data on all eligible employees to upgrade (service data -previous services - job performance reports - qualifications - training)