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The departments


 Department of personnel

Department staff is working on the provision of human resources for colleges and university departments and deanships from various disciplines and the implementation of all systems and regulations on personnel matters

One section tasks:

Appointment of the official staff and users category and item workers' wages

Issuance of the termination of early retirement and retirement-nizami and resignations of university staff decisions

Version secondment of university staff decisions

Issuing bonuses standing committees for university staff decisions

Version due allowances for certain categories of personnel decisions

Issuance of the administrative costs of university staff decisions

Receive complaints and requests for attendance directed to the staff of the university and received from the police department or sharia courts or otherwise and transmitted to the required staff and prepare responses to it

Issuing decisions to leave university staff of all kinds, a regular leave-leave-exceptional sick-leave forced-leave-sports maternity leave, maternity-leave-flanking

Definition version and a certificate of service of staff in the university certificate

Alorkab issuing orders to the staff of the university

Issuance of training bonuses decisions within the uk and abroad for university staff

Commissioning decisions to work outside of working hours of staff time university

Preparation of official speeches and internal referrals on the transactions that need to be so

Version decisive decisions and letters of warning and blame for university staff

Check hours and days of the absence of staff for the work that comes from the follow-up management and forwarded to the department of performance and salaries to be deducted from the salary