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King Faisal University

Deanship of Faculty Affairs

Department of Payments and Salaries

      The Department of Payments and Salaries conducts all the statutory procedures for salaries and financial benefits or entitlements for university staff. Decidedly. It ensures the accuracy of the completion of financial transactions efficiently and effectively.

Among the responsibilities of the department are:

1- Preparing all disbursement slips for travel expenses. 
2- Preparing overtime payment slips
3- Preparing payment slips for the teaching hours taught                    overtime or part-time.
4- Preparing payment slips for employees giving training                  courses at the institute.
5- Preparing payment slips for the housing allowances of        
    contracted employees.

6- Preparing payment slips for the furniture allowances of newly
     contracted employees.

7- Preparing payment slips for the  rewards of chairmen and
    members of standing committees and the University Council.

8- Responding to the inquiries made by banks about the staffers
    who have been granted loans from those banks.

9- Archiving all the accomplished work on the computer by each
     employee in the department.

10- Making a file for each financial entitlement in order to
      archive the disbursed payment slips therein. 

11- Preparing the entitlement slips for the university staff whose
     employment is ended, whether they are contracted employees,
     Saudi staff put on pensions, or others.

12- Receiving decisions of appointment of Saudis of all job
     categories as well as the contracts of contracted staff and
     preparing their financial entitlements as per those decisions or
13- Conducting all the statutory procedures for salaries and
     financial benefits or entitlements for university staff and
the accuracy of the completion of financial
     transactions efficiently and effectively.

14- Entering the data of the monthly salaries, and verifying it to
      ascertain the accuracy of the entered data. This
      definitely entails great effort and ultimate care and attention.
       It is followed by the preparation of payment orders for each
       agency of the university.

15- Preparing the entitlement slips of outsourced services for the
      university. This is manually dawn up as it cannot be
      digitalized for the lack of the respective programming
16- Responding to the inquiries of the public, whether from
     university staffers or not, concerning their financial
     entitlements through their in-person checking with the
     department, thereby taking  part of the working time.

17- Liaising with the Information Technology Center to
     determine the data and the items that need being created in
     the payroll system, and working towards developing the
18- Preparing the data on the  names of borrowers from the
     Saudi Credit
and Savings Bank as well as preparing the forms
     of the Authority of Pensions