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King Faisal University

Deanship of Faculty Affairs

Department of Quality Assurance, Development and Acadmic Accreditation

     This department is aimed to Aconsolidate and augment quality assurance in the deanship. It also proposes plans to improve performance and provides management consulting services to develop the deanship.

Among the responsibilities of the department are:

1.Drawing up an action plan for quality assurance and academic accreditation.2.Reviewing and revising the mission and objectives of the deanship and its departments.
3.Preparing the Strategic Plan of the Deanship pursuant to the university's.4.Enhancing quality assurance in the deanship and its programs as well as taking the necessary measures to preserve it.
5.Proposing activities and programs related to quality assurance and academic accreditation along with implementing them at the level of the deanship and departments.6.Providing plans and  management consulting services to improve and develop performance.