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King Faisal University

Deanship of Information Technology



The vision of King Faisal University Portal is to ensure that its portal is a practical window to identify the activities and services of the university because this portal is an appropriate environment for spreading knowledge, and it is a platform for exchanging experiences at the regional and international levels. Such a feature can enrich the educational process and pushes it forward. Because the administration of the portal is committed to doing its best practices to provide a high-quality service to all users, it puts the confidentiality of their information at the top of its priorities. Consequently, the administration identified a number of principles to be taken into consideration by the portal's user to preserve his/her privacy and confidentiality of information. These principles establish the policy of privacy and the confidentiality of the information. So, the portal's visitors are required to keep in touch with the privacy policy and its terms and conditions in order to know any updates made to it. To be known, the management of the portal is not required to announce any updates to these terms and conditions. Your use of the portal indicates that you have already read and agreed to these terms and conditions and their ongoing amendments.

Information Security

·  The Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information have been developed to assist the visitors and users understand the nature of the data that was collected from them when visiting the portal, and how to deal with it.

·  The management of the portal takes the appropriate procedures and measures to ensure that the personal information is kept and stored securely to ensure its protection against the unauthorized loss, unauthorized access, misuse, modification or disclosure. The most important measures to manage the visitor's personal information are:

- Strict procedures and measures to protect the security of information and used technology to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to our systems.

- Continuous updating of the procedures and controls of the security to meet or exceed standards.

- Qualifying the employees who are responsible for managing the portal, and educating them to respect the confidentiality of the personal information of the portal's visitors.

Information Collection

·  Once the user visits the King Faisal University portal, the university server logs the IP address of the user, the date and time of the visit, and the URL of any website used to access the university portal.

·   Most websites put a small file on the visitor's hard drive (browser); this file is called (cookies). This file is a text file, and some sites that you visit place it on the hard disk of your device. These text files contain information that would allow the site, which put them, to retrieve them when needed if the visitor revisited the same site. Some of the saved information are – saving the username and password – saving the page settings if it is available on the portal - preventing more than one vote for the same user.

· On this basis, the university portal will use the information contained in the cookies for its technical purposes when visiting it more than one time. The portal can also change the information contained in the cookies, or add new information whenever you visit the King Faisal University portal.

· If you use a direct application or send an email to the administration of the portal or to any of the university departments through the King Faisal University portal to provide us with personal data, we may share this information with other parties or departments to serve you effectively. Note that we will not share your personal information with non-governmental entities unless they are authorized within the competent authorities to provide specific government services. By delivering your data and personal information through the King Faisal University Portal, you fully agree to store, process, and use of such information by the authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have the right, at all times, to disclose any information to the competent authorities when necessary to comply with any law, regulation, or governmental request.

· You are the only responsible for the completion, reliability, and accuracy of the information you send through this portal.


Creating an account in the portal

· The users of the portal can access some databases or services provided by the portal after receiving the username and password that are specified in coordination with the administration of the portal. The user might be asked to add or update some personal information, and he/she can modify any of his account data whenever he/she wants, or even he/she cancel that information at any time.

· Just similar to other collected information about users of the portal, the user account information will be used to authenticate the personality of the user and protect his/her account, and it may be shared with any other sites belonging to the King Faisal University portal.

· Collection of information about the portal's users aims at serving the scientific and research purposes, and the development of university services in general and the services provided through the portal in particular, and this plays a role to strengthen the relationship of the university with the community.

Privacy Protection

· To protect your personal information, we recommend the following:


- Contact us immediately when you think that someone could get your password, usage code, PIN, or any other confidential information.

- Do not disclose any confidential information over the telephone or the Internet unless you recognize the identification of the person or the recipient of the information.

- Use a secure browser when you deal with the online transactions meanwhile close unused applications on the network, and make sure that your antivirus software is always up to date.

- If you have any questions or opinions about the privacy policy and its principles, you can communicate with the Administration of the Portal via e-mail.


·The electronic storage and personal information transmitted using appropriate security technology are secured to maintain your personal information

· This portal may contain links to other sites or portals that may use techniques to protect the information and their privacy that are different from our methods. We are not responsible for the content, methods, and privacy of these sites, and we encourage you to refer to the notifications of the privacy of those sites.


Sending e-mails to the university

When you ask for or request any information about specific information or service, or when you provide additional information using any means of communication with the University, either electronic or non-electronic such as a request for inquiry on our site, we will use your email address to respond to your queries.  Your email address, messages, and our replies can be saved for quality control or legal and regulatory purposes. The posting policy and terms of use can be seen here