Wednesday 04/03/1442 - 21/10/2020

Preparatory Year Program

Objective Learning Resources Course Content Study Plan
  • Providing basic and advanced skills of information technology (Introduction to Computers, Operating System: Windows 7, Internet and Microsoft Office Suite: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access) in order to prepare students for using the computer in their specialized studies.
  • Enabling students to use computer confidently for their academic and personal work.
  • Encouraging students to develop self-learning.
  • Motivating students to improve their social skills.
Learning Resources

Computer Skills Department provides efficient and up-to-date learning resources to support the student’s learning.

Computer Skills Textbook, developed by MKCL Arabia experts.


E-learning Revolution for All (ERA):

ERA is a framework providing access to multimedia content in English. It offers high quality, self-paced, personalized learning experience to all learners from anywhere and at any time. Interactive demonstration and practice feature is also available in ERA.

Below are links to ERA (for PYD male and female students):

Self-learning Project refers to the self-directed learning process. The learner takes the initiative and the responsibility for the learning outcomes. The trainer provides students with guidance to fulfill the requirements of the Self-learning Project. Students select and manage their own learning activities, which can be pursued at any time. In the end, they present their acquired knowledge and ideas to an audience of their peers. This helps them get familiarized with conducting research, writing a report, improving their ability to give lectures and interacting with the audience. This also helps improve their self-confidence and strengthen their characters.

Course Content
Compulsory Topics Duration
Serial Number Topic Name Tools Used
1 All About Computer NA 4 Hours
2 Internet Internet Explorer 9 2 Hours
3 Operating System Windows 7 2 Hours
4 Word Processing MS Word 2010 8 Hours
5 Spread Sheet MS Excel 8 Hours
6 Presentation Graphics MS PowerPoint 2010 4 Hours
7 Database MS Access 2010 4 Hours
Total Hours 32 Hours
Study Plan
Grading Scheme
Serial No.
Evaluation Type
Module Name
Number Of Evaluations
Maximum Marks
1 Class Tests 1. AAC, Internet, Windows 7
2. MS-Excel
3. MS PowerPoint, MS Access
3 10
2 Class Assignments 1. MS-Word
2. MS-Excel
3. MS PowerPoint
3 15
3 Attendance, Class Participation, Home Work NA NA 5
4 Project NA 1 10
5 Midterm Examination All About Computer, Internet, Windows 7, MS-Word 1 30
6 Final Examination MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint,MS Access 1 30
Total Marks 100
Passing Percentage 60

Week Lesson Topic (chapter/section) Assignments
1 Introduction and All About Computer Introduction to IT course, All about computers:

Course Outline of IT course.

Introduction to Computers:

Importance of IT Literacy for your career. Computer Definition, Five Generations of Computers, Types of computers, Components of Computer: Hardware, Software and Memory.

Input Device, Output and Storage Devices:

What is Input, Input Devices, Keyboards and its Features, Pointing Devices, Scanning Devices, Image Capture Devices, What is output, monitors and their features, printers and their features, types of printers?

Students Starts Self Learning Project Work
2 Internet and Operating System Internet, E-commerce & Web:

Introduction to internet & network, types of networks, topology, protocols, uses of the Internet, E-commerce, its types, advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce, web utilities, web browser, URL, social networking sites, firewall, www, the internet and web, internet explorer 9: home page, features of IE9, printing & saving web pages, finding information on the web.

Operating System (Windows 7):

Operating system, OS functions, Services provided by operating system, booting, types of Operating Systems, Introduction to Windows OS, Installation Procedure, Windows 7 Drivers, Maximize PC’s Performance, Windows Desktop,

Windows Utilities, Windows Networking:

Themes, Desktop Background, Utility Software, Windows Update, Home Group, Windows 7 Security

Seminar Presentation-1, Project Work
3 Word Processing Word Processing – MS Word:

Overview of Word Processor, the User Interface, Creating a Simple Document, File Tab, Home Tab Introduction, Clipboard Group, Font Group, Paragraph Group, Styles Group, Editing Group.

Word Processing – MS Word:

Insert Tab introduction, Pages Group, Tables Group, Illustrations Group, Links Group, Header and Footer Group, Text and Symbols Group.

Class Test 1 for AAC+Internet+OS, Project Work
4 Word Processing Word Processing – MS Word:

Page Layout Tab, Page Setup Group, Page Background Group, Reference Tab introduction, Table of Contents Group, Footnotes Group, Mailing Tab introduction, Create Group, Start Mail Merge.

Word Processing – MS Word:

Review Tab introduction, Proofing Group, Language Group, Comments Group, View Tabs introduction, Views Group, Show Group, Zoom Group, Window Group.

Seminar Presentation-2, Class Assignment-1, Project Work
5 Spread Sheet Spreadsheet - MS Excel:

Spreadsheet, Introduction to MS Excel, Features of MS Excel, the User Interface. Create New Workbook, Working with Sheets, File Tab, Home Tab - Font Group, Alignment Group, Cells Group.

Spreadsheet - MS Excel:

Home Tab introduction, Using Formulas, Using Functions. Number group, Editing Group, Excel Errors.

Insert Tab introduction, The Charts Group

Seminar Presentation-3, Midterm Examination, Project work
6 Spread Sheet Spreadsheet - MS Excel:

Insert Tab introduction, Text Group, Page Layout Tab, Page Setup Group, Formulas Tab, Functions Library, Financial Functions, Logical Functions, Text Functions.

Spreadsheet - MS Excel:

Data Tab introduction, Sort & Filter Group, Data Tools Group, Outline Group, Review Tab, Proofing Group, Comments Group, Changes Group, View Tab, Window Group, Macros Group.

Class Assignment – 2, Project Work Final Report Submission
7 Presentation Graphics Presentation Graphics – MS PowerPoint:

Introduction to PowerPoint 2010, The User Interface, Home Tab, Slides Group, Drawing Group, The Insert Tab, Images Group, Illustrations Group, Links Group, Text and Symbols Group.

Presentation Graphics – MS PowerPoint:

Design Tab, Themes Group, Transition Tab, Preview, Transition to this slide, Animation Tab, Preview, Animation Group, Slide Show Group, View Tab, Presentation Views Group, Master View Group, Slide Master.

Class Test 2 for MS Excel, Class Assignment - 3 Project Presentation and viva
8 Presentation Graphics, Database Database – MS Access 2010:

Introduction to general database, database tools, common Features & applications of database, Introduction to MS Access 2010, Home Tab, Create a new blank database, Database objects, Designing database, Basic Concepts - Table, Field (Column) and Record (Row), Query, Form, Report, Tables, Text Formatting and Sort and Filter in MS Access.

Database – MS Access 2010:

Create Tab, Forms Group, Format Tab, Background Group, Queries Group, Reports Group, Report Layout, Design Tab, Controls Groups Commands - – Labels, Buttons, Combo Box, Check Box, Text Box.

Class Test 3 for MS PowerPoint &MS Access, Practice for Final Examination Class Assignment – 3
9 Conducting Final examination, Preparing and uploading final marks
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