King Faisal University

Investment and Resources Development Administration


1- Implementing the plans, programs and budgets for department after it is approved.
2- Suggesting development and investment plans for the university properties (Jointly with consultant firms).
3- Count, organize and report the university-owned assets.
4- Document the properties instruments.
5- Identify the investable locations and provide feasible studies.
6- Joint and attend the evaluation committees of the university-owned assets.
7- Follow legal disputes on the University properties and coordinating with legal affairs.  
8- Collecting rents in specific dates.   
9- Marketing potential investment projects to investors and institutions.  
10- Consulting on all the University investable assets. 
11- Prepare reports on the defaulted payments.
12- Identify the department’s needs of manpower, equipment and materials.
13- Identify the required training needs for the employees in the department and coordinating with related deanship.
14- Prepare periodical reports on the department programs and accomplishments to be submitted to the director of the sector.  
15- Any tasks related to the department.