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King Faisal University

International Cooperation and Partnerships Administration

 Visiting Professor Unit

This unit is concerned with the following:
1. Managing the affairs of visiting professors by completing the necessary procedures for securing their stay and ensuring full benefit from them in coordination with concerned parties inside and outside the university.

2. Following- up of visiting professor's affairs after arrival, in cooperation and coordination with the University's beneficiaries, and offering assistance to ensure the success of the visit and achievement of its objectives.

3. Preparing and adopting a sustainable program to attract outstanding local and international visiting professors to participate in academic, research, and service programs, in addition to supporting the university's plans devoted to improve these programs and their output quality.

4. Establishing a database of outstanding professors and researchers information, in different disciplines, from inside and outside the Kingdom that provides detailed data and facilitate the accessibility of such information by the concerned parties in the university.

5. Preparing manuals, brochures, and catalogues about the "Visiting Professors Program" at KFU and suppling beneficiaries at the university with hard and electronic copies of this material.  

6. Keeping scientific visits reports at KFU, and facilitating access and use of it in accordance with the University regulations.

7. Introducing developmental proposals for excellence in all activities and programs of the unit.

8. Preparing the annual report of the unit.