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King Faisal University

International Cooperation and Partnerships Administration

 Administrative and Financial Affairs Unit

This unit is in charge of the following:
1. Performing financial and administrative functions of the Administration and its units.

2. Providing administrative support to the Administration offices and units along with providing these units with necessary human resources in addition to materials and equipment to facilitate their activities.

3. Supervising of the Administration staff and follow-up of their career performance affairs.

4. Documenting, preserving, and archiving the Administration's electronic information. 

5. Providing technical support and helping the Administration units in circulating and archiving electronic information.

6. Establishing and maintaining the Administration database.

7. Supervising and updating of the Administration website.

8.  Documenting the Administration activities in all pertinent operations as well as preparing and issuing pertinent brochures and bulletins.  

9. Preparing the Administration annual report