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Transport Service Administration in Al-hassa

A brief idea about Transport Administration in Al-hassa:
Transport Administration in Al-hassa is one of the main administrations in King Faisal University; it offers services to everybody in the university. Besides, it cooperates with other entities from outside the university and offers services like means of transport for people when they ask for it. This means that Transport Administration is a permanent participant in all activities inside and outside the university, although its task is to transport students, staff and clerks from one place to another by using different means of transport ranging from buses to small cars. Transport Administration has a fleet of vehicles to convey people who belong to the university and the guests inside Al-hassa, its villages and deserts. Transport also happens between the two branches of the university in Al-hassa, Dammam and airports. Moreover, students, staff and clerks can enjoy scientific travels and visits to the sacred places
A Diagram for the administrative a technical structure of the Transport administration in Al-hassa


1- Business manager of transport:

Business manager of transport supervises the general management of work and makes sure that the work is going well and service is good. In so doing, he overcomes the difficulties and solves all the problems the moment they arise. He represents the Transport Administration before other administrations inside and outside the university (like traffic agency – authorized car distributers – technical workshops – markets of car spare parts and accessories, etc

2- The assistant Manager:

Assistant manager helps the manager do his work. He also deputizes him if he is on leave for emergency reasons or when he is on regular vacation or when the manager does an official duty away from the site of work. Besides, the assistant is responsible for the matters of loans for transport administration.

3-The secretary:

The secretary does the secretarial tasks and clerical work (secret documents – exchange of letters). He also helps his workmates and takes care of the incoming and out coming mail.

4-Master of drivers:

The master of drivers does the following jobs:
- Distributing work among the drivers
- Assignment of drivers
- Following up and implementing the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly programmes.


 They drive university vehicles which are ranging from buses to small cars in order to carry out the official duties inside Al-hassa, the Eastern Province, and all parts and outside the kingdom, according to the daily needs of work.


The receptionist receives internal and external orders.
He reports about cars out of order and records their needs.
He helps the master of drivers.
Technical department (workshop):7-
The following cadre of technicians works in this department:

A-The workshop supervisor:

 He is supervises the technicians, distributes the work among them, examines cars and determines what is wrong with them and secures the provisions of spare parts from the national market


 This department is composed of the following branches:
1-The mechanics branch: in this branch, all mechanical disorders of the car are dealt with (engine – gearshift – front and back axletrees)
2-Electricity and conditioning branch: in this branch, technicians mend all disorders in electricity and air conditions of the cars.

C- Tire puncture repair and oil unit:

The tire and wheel technician mends and fixes tires for all cars of the university, changes oil (of engines – gear shift – CL oil for the axletree). He also checks the cars before starting an official duty.
For more information:
Call business manager of Transport:
Mr. Sa‘faq ‘ubeed Al-shimry – phone number: 5801715
Or call using the following internal numbers:
01799 – 1348 - 1383