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King Faisal University

Scientific Council

 Chairman Message

I am pleased to welcome you in the site of the Scientific Council of King Faisal University site. We hope, throughout this site, to introduce an idea about the Scientific Council and its functions. You will find on our home page and the pages of this website valuable information about the activities of the Scientific Council in the fields of hiring academic staff, encouraging researches and publishing based on King Faisal University's vision, mission, and objectives, which was drafted according to its strategic plan. The strategic plan was prepared very carefully to attract highly qualified competent academic staff to be hired for the needed scientific specialties according to the rules of The Saudi's Highest Education Council for universities. This is done in order to assure the graduation of our sons and daughters armed with science with high-level qualifications who invested by the community for its growth and development.

The council updated its guidelines, conditions, and financial rewards, to encourage and motivate academic staff participation in local and international conferences, publishing research papers in prestigious scientific journals in order to support King Faisal University attitude to improve the educational process and promote scientific research culture. 

We thank you again for visiting the site of the Scientific Council. We invite you to browse its contents and contact us via the listed communication methods.

Scientific Council Chairman
Prof. Hassan Rafdan Al-Hajhouj