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King Faisal University

Business Service Center

"*-Legal services

A knowledge pool that provides a range of legal consultations to various public, private and third sector institutions, as well as meeting individuals’ renewed needs for legal services.

 Expressing legal opinions in legal consultations and amicable settlement of disputes.
 Arbitration in various cases, whether the disputants are legal or natural persons.
 Conducting legal studies and research for natural and legal persons, governmental and civil entities, and national and foreign organizations.
 Preparing and studying various laws, legislation, regulations, decisions and regulations, and drafting and reviewing contracts.
 Organizing study courses and training programs to suit the needs of natural and legal persons.
 Legal clinic services
 Legal translation from and into the Arabic language.
 Providing vocational training services to practice the legal profession.
 Training and developing the legal skills of lawyers, legal consultants and workers in legal departments.
-Statistical services

A highly reliable house of expertise in providing decision-making support services, business analysis and statistical consulting.

 Designing various data collection tools and questionnaires
 Data management and analysis
 Design and prepare graphic displays and dashboards for smart business analytics
 Standardized testing services.
 Survey services for various purposes
 Decision support services
 Training services in the areas of business analytics and statistical software
 Preparing and reviewing strategic plans
 Preparing and reviewing feasibility studies
-Educational services

An interactive community that serves the educational system through a range of specialized business services and consultations.

 Design and development of specialized school curricula.
 Raising the efficiency of the educational capabilities of teachers and researchers in the areas of teaching methods and curricula.
 Designing adapted solutions for schools in educational technologies.
 Providing educational consultations in the management of educational facilities.
 Preparing economic feasibility studies for educational projects.
 Providing categorical educational consultation services in the fields of gifted care, special education, and early childhood.
 Providing educational measurement and evaluation services.
 Providing services for developing methodology, controls and standards for preparing educational plans.
 Arbitrating training packages in educational fields.
 Design and implementation of mural and field works for institutions, bodies and individuals by art education experts.
 Design and production of educational materials and software for various private and international schools.
 Employing smart phone applications in teaching.
 Developing the capabilities of health and fitness centers and providing consultations related to movement sciences.
-medical services

A synergistic cluster of integrated health care services provided to individuals and the business community.

 Providing health care services through specialized clinics.
 Providing healthcare consultations and health awareness via digital channels.
 Evaluating and developing the capabilities of the private health sector.
 Partnership with the private health sector through various service contracts.
-Educational services

A professional educational system that adopts flexible and non-standard work models by providing consultations and developing and designing quality programmes, carefully selected to keep pace with the latest international educational standards, which contribute to achieving professional development and career growth in all fields. Especially areas related to emerging specializations and emerging technologies, which are closely linked to the needs of national development and the labor market.

1- Consultations, research and studies:

  Measuring overall quality.
  Planning and forecasting career paths (Career Path Planning).
  Preparing new employees and job care.
  Survey functional or technical needs.
  International standards and standards.
  Advanced educational technology.
  Educational management strategies.
  Government and private experiences and practices.

2- Training and specialized and professional programs:

  Design and implement accelerated educational programs (4-8 weeks).
  Design and implementation of short professional training programs.
  Personal development of employees.
  Institutional organizational development.

-Veterinary services

A national expert house specialized in providing veterinary medical consultations and consultations related to livestock management and development.

  Training and continuing education programs in veterinary fields.
  Therapeutic and care services at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
  Providing medical consultation services and treatment recommendations to individuals.
  Providing advisory and scientific services in establishing and operating veterinary clinics.
  Providing advisory and scientific services in establishing and managing various livestock, poultry and fish projects.
  Providing advisory and scientific services in the field of evaluating and improving livestock in the Kingdom.
  Specialized medical analyzes for various livestock, poultry and fish projects.
  Providing consultations regarding the institutional structure of various veterinary institutions.
-Technical services

A dynamic window to introduce the university’s technical capabilities and the maturity of its electronic transactions to contribute to covering the renewed need for technical products and systems for the government and business communities, and to meet the high demand for technical services from individuals and owners of small and micro enterprises.

  Design, implementation and sale of various technical products and systems.
  Providing technical consultations.
  Designing and delivering training courses on global technical systems and best practices.
-Agricultural services

A contemporary and integrated umbrella to provide comprehensive agricultural services to all different sectors and individuals

  Chemical and microbial analyzes of foods
  Animal production, poultry and fisheries
  Chemical analysis of feed materials
  Preparing feasibility studies, evaluating agricultural projects, marketing agricultural and food products, farm management, financing agricultural projects, and food security issues
  Protection of plants and crops
  Chemical and biological analysis of plant diseases
  Integrated pest management programs
  Diagnosis and identification of disease and insect infections
  Agro-textile techniques for various plants such as palm trees, juba trees, and ornamental plants
  Plant biotechnology, isolation of genetic material, and PCR
  Diagnosis of bee pests and diseases
-Engineering services

Providing creative designs, managing and supervising projects according to a professional approach supported by cumulative experience and highly specialized qualifications in providing various engineering services.
Unit services

- Engineering designs
- Project management and scheduling
- Value Engineering
- solar energy
- Environmental sustainability
- Feasibility
- BIM project modeling
- Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
- Rationalizing energy consumption in buildings and facilities
- Engineering arbitration"