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King Faisal University

Chair in Application of Modern Technologies

 Research Projects:

1. Application of Artificial Insemination (AI) and cryobanks:

According to specialists in the Camel Research Center, there is not a practical implementation of AI in camels all over the world. Benefits of applying AI includes genetic improvement, efficient use of males, control of camel diseases, convenience of semen transport, securing the qualities of good males by long-time preservation of cooled semen and overcoming some violent behaviors of males during copulation.

2. Application of Embryo Transfer (ET) technology and camel Embryo banks:

Embryo transfer is one of the most important modern reproduction techniques that improve genes and reproductive efficiency by depending on good-quality mothers. According specialists of the center, all over the world there is not a practical implementation for embryo transfer in camels. Thus, this guideline aims to achieve the aims of many researchers, breeders and those interested.

The idea of ET depends on making use of genetically distinct and productive females that are found in every herd:  a certain camel may be more expensive for it is distinct in terms of strain, production, beauty, or racing.

3. Establishment of specialized AI and ET units:

The project will be crowned with a specialized AI and ET unit in camels. It will include all the necessary technical equipment integrated with other research units in .