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King Faisal University

Camel Research Center

 Center`s Achievements

The center has undertaken more than one hundred scientific researches published in international journals, which contain the basic sciences such as; physiology, anatomy, biochemistry and camel behavior, and also the applied sciences such as; medicine, pharmacology, therapy, surgery, radiology, anesthesia,  reproduction, diseases, microbiology, nutrition, and milk/meat production.

The distinguished studies that had been done by the center were:
1. Saudi camel breeds characterization.
2. Developing camel surgery techniques.
3. Camel reproduction and fertility.
4. Infection of camel`s lower respiratory system with CORONA virus.
5. Developing a test that depends on advanced biotechnology (polymerase chain reaction PCR) to diagnoses three camel diseases.
6. Participation on national and international conferences and occasions.