Wednesday 07/10/1442 - 19/05/2021

Camel Research Center


 Vision, Mission and Goals

Excellence in scientific research and services for camel development.

Improving and developing dromedary camel`s wealth in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1- Excellence
2- Pioneering
3- Ethical responsibility
4- Social responsibility 

The Objectives and Tasks of the Center:
1- Improving reproductive efficiency of camels.
2- Studying of infertility causes and embryo mortality.
3-  Developing scientific research in the area of camel diseases, its causes, diagnosis, and prevention.
4- Transferring of modern techniques in camel husbandry.
5- Conducting research in the basic branches such as physiology, anatomy, biochemistry and medication.
6- Developing of human resources in the field of breeding, production, and welfare of camels in the kingdom.
7- Community serving.